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Muxima Bio is a biotechnology company that invests in scientific research for alternative protein sources, combining scientific knowledge and prime technology, focusing on the development of high-efficiency bioproducts. Our research is based on protein extraction arising from aquatic organisms, highlighting the production of protein raw materials with specific applications in the cosmetics, medico pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals and nutraceutical areas.
As a company, Muxima Bio stands for a set of social, economic and environmental values that are both a philosophy and a business model based on 3 pillars of sustainability – the triple bottom line – People, Planet & Profit.

For each decision, the three following questions are considered:
People: Is it fair?
To have the social awareness of paying the fair price for the raw materials and the workforce we use is without a doubt one of the biggest concerns of the company. Fairtrade is our motor. The marriage between the company and the surrounding communities is another goal for our model, as well as the creation of solid careers and internal policy of overall well-being and satisfaction.
Planet: Is it positive for the environment?
All our actions have to be sustainable and conscious from an ecologic perspective. This is also one of the main reasons for Muxima Bio’s creation, for we understand the currently existing gap concerning ecological options in the market segment we are in.
Profit: Is it lucrative?
Like any company, profit is essential. In our case, it will allow us to reinvest in scientific research and in the achievement of the remaining proposed segments, from a strategic investment to the realization of all other parallel projects that represent the company’s values.

Muxima Bio launched Muxima, the world’s first luxurious care designed for textured hair. Made with love and using a combination of the world’s finest bio ingredients.